Situated in the private rural lifestyle setting of Wyuna Preserve, perched above the shores of Lake Wakatipu, the home enjoys spectacular views to where the Greenstone River flows into the Lake Wakatipu, and of the Humboldt Ranges beyond.


The house is designed as a loose L-shaped plan. A contemporary blackened steel canopy floats out over the entry where the two wings intersect. The main functions of the house face the lake, with kitchen, dining, and living spaces occupying the centre of the plan, and a private master bedroom and study at the southwestern end, where the clients can enjoy one of their favourite views towards Pigeon Island (Wāwāhi Waka) on Lake Wakatipu. The eastern wing is arranged as a private area for guests, with flagstone paving leading to a schist drystack seating area that serves as a lookout to the Dart River Valley.


A balance of simple lines and rugged low maintenance materials – local schist stone, board finished concrete and oxidized zinc – help ground the home into its natural setting in a self-assured yet recessive manner. Subtle architectural elements such as pop-out rooms, enrich the facades whilst providing privacy and surprise vistas.


While the lake facing elevations open up to the dramatic views, allowing living spaces to extend outside, the home’s other exterior walls are solid with minimal openings to convey a sense of arrival within a sheltered stone walled courtyard. The external walls extend to form a series of walled garden areas, each with its own identity and purpose, creating visual continuity out into the wider landscape.


The living area and outdoor decks face on to a reflective pool. Imagined as an alpine tarn with rocks and gravels, the pool creates a visual link between the home and natural environment. A choice of outdoor areas are positioned to maximise the benefits of, but also shield, the sun at different times of day. The whole is a happy, relaxed and private mountain retreat.