Kanuka House

A common thread with the projects we deliver is a focus on reduced energy consumption through careful design, detailing and specification. Our Kanuka home incorporates many principles of passive design through its response to the local climate and site conditions.

Our clients were keen to maximise thermal efficiency and minimise environmental impact where possible. This was achieved through a process of careful planning during the design and detail phases, and a clear communication path with the contractor on site. The result is a home that is well insulated, air tight and remains at a consistent temperature all year round. Natural wool insulation was installed in double layers to help minimise thermal bridging, whilst celebrating our clients proud history as a Central Otago sheep farmer. 

A blower door test was also completed during the construction phase in order to measure the air tightness of the home and a 1.16 ACH (air changes per hour) rating was achieved. This was a fantastic result given that Passive House standard is 0.6 ACH.