Fancy a Sleepout?

Houses need to be more flexible to meet today’s needs. If you feel you’ve outgrown your current space, you don’t necessarily have to leave to find a new home. We’re exploring potential for realising bold, adaptable and imaginative solutions in compact spaces, whether a stand-alone structure or an extension to your existing home. A desire for additional space may stem from any number of reasons;

• A self-contained den for teenage children or an extra bedroom for a growing family
• Space for an elderly relative – retaining independence, but close to the family
• A small studio or home office
• Or just extra storage for cycles, kayaks, paddleboards etc

A home extension will give you more space and could also increase the value of your property.

We’re exploring new forms of construction that allow improved efficiency. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with those at the forefront of sustainability and prefabrication, to understand the challenges currently holding back the industry in New Zealand, and the opportunities and benefits that are possible. It’s not just economies that we’re interested in, there are other benefits in terms of sustainability, adaptability (thus longevity) and even beauty. Prefabricated panels for a roof, for example, could allow light-filled, truss-free adaptable attic space.

If you’re considering extending, don’t design things as you go along; let us help you with that bigger picture. With any project, there are restrictions; financial, time, space. So, it’s about being smart, about being sensible. Grids, sheets sizes, similar detailing, thoughtful use of materials; careful consideration of these factors can help to reduce cost, and at the same time creates a cohesion or uniformity to the building.

A lot of people think an architectural project has to be big, but it’s the big vision that we’re interested in. Size doesn’t matter, small projects can be ‘big’! If you’d like to discuss an idea for your home, get in touch with us.