The project is a response to a tricky, sloping corner site beneath the Remarkables mountain range.

Designed to cater for the needs of a growing family, within a constrained footprint, the house is envisaged as a series of inter-connecting pavilions following the contours of the site. Glazed links are held between strong, simple, anchoring gable forms.

Connection to the landscape is emphasised through strategically framed long views and a variety of defined outdoor courtyard and garden spaces.

The layout takes advantage of the sun’s path throughout the day, with places to enjoy different moments, whether a morning coffee, space to work or time to relax in the evening.

The split level offers spatial variety and allow views from the living areas over the lower bedroom pavilion, which is deliberately hunkered into the landscape, and detailed as a modest timber box in contrast to the higher gabled forms. Internally a spine of joinery occupies the length of the living pavilion, articulated to give definition to individual spaces.